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Untoten Gegner
Legend of Sanctuary
Untoten Gegner

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PostSubject: Ex-Sanctuary   Ex-Sanctuary Icon_minitime10th January 2018, 11:39 am

Hello. If your name is on this list, that means that you are still able to log into your account. If you need to get into contact with us for some reason, you're free to do so on these boards. You can sign in and make a post here.

If you need me to reset your password, you can post as a guest and ask, but I will require you to answer some questions about the account to make sure that you're who you say you are.

  • Bi Chao
  • Darkraxz
  • Ahkys
  • Zilad
  • Lady Doodlebug
  • Phantum Zerker
  • Sir Healzalot
  • Valik
  • Legacy of Magic
  • Take the black
  • Danzoou
  • Eros Helios
  • Gifted Shooter
  • Crusius
  • Raffoka
  • Blue Wizard
  • White Oak
  • Aldrich
  • Hammerito
  • Phaenon
  • Blinx Fighter
  • Dante Szyvladzka
  • Ah Niix
  • Tuzinho Sorc
  • Avengered Nightmare
  • Bloodfist
  • Stalled
  • Podrick the Huge
  • Xandir Blackthorn
  • Sonyc'Rydder
  • Purple Assassin
  • Iron Will
  • Mell Sirazus
  • Dreed Ic
  • Lucius Darksoul (Note: You had an underscore in your name before. I changed it to a space.)
  • Archangel Tyraell
  • Mykayla
  • Abentrix
  • Yarn Druid
  • Chakaleit
  • Magerian Mage
  • Prisoner of Earth
  • Hans Theil
  • Lord Treckorn
  • Dub Ryderin
  • Mad Mauler
  • moises350 (Note: I, uh, don't know who this is...)
  • Stellar Autumn
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